Mórdha Stone Chronicles

A Stone in Time - Book 1

A Stone in Time

AJ Moore stands on a precipice. Her ambitions stalled after an unexpected loss.

A two-hundred-year-old sailing vessel appears through the fog. This could be the story she’s been waiting for. The story to save her flagging career.

But Finn Murphy, the enigmatic captain, is arrogant, annoying, and tight-lipped. But she’s not one to give up easily.

Finn Murphy has only one thing on his mind. Find an ancient stone necklace before someone else does. But he wasn’t expecting to be hounded by a reporter. The more she comes around, the more he wants her to stay.

But the stakes are too high, the mission too important to be tempted. The longer it takes to find the necklace, the weaker his resolve becomes.

Join AJ on an adventure where honor and friendship can beat the odds—and love transcends time.

Keeper of Stones - Book 2

Keeper of Stones

AJ Moore’s life has changed – drastically. And her lover, Captain Finn Murphy, refuses to explain how that happened. His only concern is to hand over an ancient necklace, and the stone within it to his worst enemy, Beckworth, the Viscount of Waverly Manor. The fact the stone can return AJ to the only life she knows seems of little importance to Finn.

After Finn abandons AJ at Beckworth’s home, she soon discovers she’s not alone. Maire is a long suffering “guest” of Beckworth and becomes AJ’s only comfort. With only one direction to follow, AJ and Maire escape and join together to follow the stone and learn its secrets, if they can only stay one step ahead of Beckworth and his men.

Yet nothing can relieve AJ’s sense of betrayal from the one person she still craves to have by her side – Finn Murphy. If she would listen to her heart, AJ might discover that the fastest way home is with the one who chases her.

Torc of Stone - Book 3

Torc of Stone

AJ Moore’s life comes down to one thing – discover the secret of the ancient stones to find her way home. Unfortunately, her journey is far from over. The stones now reside in the hands of Finn Murphy’s most cunning enemy, the Duke of Dunsmore.

Against a formidable foe, AJ and her new team of friends pursue a risky plan to steal the stones and the book that may reveal their secret. If successful, the mission prevents a madman from coming into unimaginable power while providing AJ an end to her long struggle.

Back in Baywood, two hundred years in her future, AJ’s brother, Adam, and her best friend, Stella, attempt to put their differences aside to join forces in their investigation of AJ’s disappearance. Journals, lore, and earrings made of stone lead the pair on a familiar trail – their only hope to find AJ.

With the knowledge she sought within her grasp, AJ must decide between the promise of the stones or her love of the man who forever changed her life.

A Stone Forgotten - Book 4

A Stone Forgotten

It’s time for AJ Moore to put her life back together, but as she’ll soon discover—you can’t go home again.

After surviving a harrowing battle for the stones, AJ’s back in Baywood, Oregon with the love of her life, Finn Murphy. After several months of danger and intrigue in early nineteenth-century Europe – the time of a mad king on the English throne and Napoleon rampaging Europe – life can be downright boring.

If only the boredom had lasted.

Life is never simple. AJ’s past excursions deliver an uncomfortable aftermath. Bouts with PTSD and grief plague her. When Finn surprises her with their new home, she believes everything will work itself out. But the constant worry that Finn misses his ship and his own century makes AJ question their future.

When she glimpses an enemy from 1802 following her, she believes her mind might be unraveling.

Then AJ and Finn receive an unexpected visit from an old friend, and her worst nightmares become reality. Not only does she question her budding relationship with Finn, but now they must contend with external powers forcing them to make a fateful decision.

Finn’s sister, Maire, has been kidnapped – again.

With the help of family and friends, AJ and Finn search for answers from history, but it comes down to one thing. Stepping back through the fog might be the only way to set everything right.

A Druid Stone - Book 5

A Druid Stone

AJ Moore falls through the fog, landing on a familiar knoll, stranded in the middle of a war between France and England. Her worst enemy lies injured at her feet, and her husband, the love of her life, Captain Finn Murphy, has been left behind – two hundred years in the future.

This was not the plan. But now that she’s here, she might as well complete the mission. Find Maire Murphy and discover what trouble she’s gotten them all into.

Finn Murphy thought he’d left his past behind, but his sister has gone missing. He watched in silence, unable to do anything, as his new bride was taken to the past by a man with no scruples. There’s no question he’ll follow. But how does one find someone in a time period when communique took weeks? And when the fog drops him in the middle of a rain-soaked field in France, his fears for AJ escalate.

Their only link—his sister Maire.

Reconnecting with family is only the beginning. The discovery of an ancient journal—a diary—which speaks of time travel, brings new and old enemies together. How can AJ or Finn consider returning to the future when the secrets of time travel leave their fate in peril?

The Heart Stone - Book 6

I’ll always come for you.

Finn Murphy would do anything to find his way to AJ Moore Murphy – if he could.

But the tables have turned, and AJ has a score to settle. With her husband missing, and their future at stake, she’s ready to walk into the fog in search of the only person who can make her whole again.

This time, there’s more at stake than finding one man. Their enemy has discovered the magic of the Heart Stone. And if AJ and Finn are to ever meet, they must ensure the Heart Stone ends up in the hands of the Keepers.

The only way to secure their future is to seek the help of the one person who everyone else believes betrayed them.

This time, AJ is no simple reporter or antique broker. She’s a warrior, determined to find her man.

European Stone Vacation - Book 6.5

ESV Cover

AJ & Finn Murphy have survived an amazing journey. As they settle into their life at the inn, along with Ethan Hughes and Maire Murphy, their future seems bright.

To celebrate their expanding group of family and friends, everyone travels to France to visit the monastery where the secret of the stones began.

The family outing develops into hijinks as AJ, Maire, and Stella create their own adventure in their search for Sebastian’s journals.

Meanwhile, in 1804 England, Beckworth, the Viscount of Waverly, is happily back home, getting his affairs in order after his long absence. Soon, he’ll be one more spy in Hensley’s growing network of operatives. Not knowing where this new adventure will lead, he opens the manor for a holiday hunting weekend with old friends. But what’s a party without mysterious visitors and a possible new threat to England?

Join the team for holiday adventures and mysteries…and a little mistletoe!

A Stone Denied - Book 7

A Stone Denied cover

The stones and torc were hidden deep within the monastery. The four sections of The Book of Stones spread far and wide. The Heart Stone separated by two hundred years. They were supposed to be safe…

For the last year, Stella Caldway watched her dearest friend, AJ Moore-Murphy, disappear into the fog more than once, traveling to the past with no certainty of returning. Though AJ came back, each time stronger than the last, Stella had no illusions about her own chance of survival had it been her that greeted the mist.

Nope. She’s just fine living with her modern-day conveniences, and most importantly—a coffeehouse on every corner.

Until one fateful day, when Stella should have followed her own advice and stayed in bed, the past returned—the stones once again refusing to be silenced. And Stella fell into the rabbit hole, kicking and tossing her cookies the entire way.

Theodore Beckworth, the Viscount of Waverly, has found his dream profession as a spy in Hensley’s network. A position where he can finally display his full range of skills. When his current assignment puts him in the crosshairs of Gemini, his past returns, and he soon discovers his loyalties tested.

On the run for their lives, two people will discover they are stronger together than apart.

The Servant of Stone - Book 8

Cover art

The Book of Stones was separated into four chronicles. Three have been spread far and wide. It’s time to bring them home.

Beckworth, the Viscount of Waverly, has never had a problem mixing his missions in Hensley’s spy network with pleasure. Then one fateful day, on the trail of the dangerous Gemini, he discovered the beautiful and prickly Stella Caldway kidnapped from her time—mistaken for AJ.

He made her a promise to get her home.

But as he observed Stella adapt to every situation she was thrown into with wit and bravado, he found he couldn’t resist her charms.

When someone kidnaps her again, right under his nose, he’ll put everything aside to find her and fulfill his promise.

The book and stones be damned.


The Book of Stone - Book 9

cover art

Everyone believes Beckworth, the Viscount of Waverly, to be a man with no regrets because he hides the pain of the man he once was while trying to win his father’s favor.

Stella Caldway sees the man behind the mask—a loyal man who would drop anything to help a friend in need. His only fault lay in seeking acceptance from a man who didn’t possess the ability to give it.

When he’s taken, Stella is gripped with guilt, and she’ll do whatever it takes to find him and bring him home.

But Gemini’s game plan takes an unexpected twist. Teams from two different worlds come together to thwart her end game in their last hope to put the secrets of The Book of Stones to rest—once and for all.

And when that’s done, Stella and Beckworth face a difficult decision. Will time prove an obstacle to their love?

Mórdha Stone Chronicles is a completed series.