Excerpts from Seduction in Blood

Devon explains Cressa's role in House Trelane

“This particular job will put you in the heart of vampire society. High society. You’ll be mingling with the city’s most respected and most dangerous vampires. To fit in, you’ll need to have a particular look with discerning tastes. And you’ll need to eat what vampires eat.”

I sat back, the grease of my breakfast threatening to revolt.

Devon laughed. “I’m not asking you to drink blood wine. But I do expect you to eat nutritious, organic meals. Besides excellent hearing, we have a unique sense of smell.” He tapped his nose. “We can smell someone’s blood when they get close. We can tell its purity and the contents of their last meal. For example, if I were to meet with you in two hours, I’d know you had garlic and onion in your meal. It wouldn’t stop me from drinking your blood if I had a mind, but that very scent would tell another vampire that you probably don’t belong to anyone. I’m far too old to worry about having to drink very often, so I don’t keep humans in the house. But younger vampires require a drink more frequently. Even those a century old still keep humans close for feeding.” He shrugged. “They don’t need to; they just prefer the old ways.” He shook his head as if he found that disgusting. Perhaps just uncouth. Either way, it made me feel a little better. I shouldn’t have to worry about him sneaking into my room in the middle of the night looking for a sip. I reflexively rubbed my neck.

He glanced down when his phone vibrated. His jaw clenched, and he held his cup so tightly, I thought it would shatter. Not good news. After a couple long minutes, he took a deep breath and turned to me, returning to our conversation as if never reading his message.

“My point is, where we’ll be going, you’ll need to not only act the part but smell the part as well. Otherwise, no one will believe why you’re with me.”

He stood. “I’m afraid I have something to attend to. Anna will start your training this morning. I should be back this evening for our session. A couple of rules for your stay here. You have the freedom of the yard, garden, and anywhere in the house on the first and second floors. The third floor is completely off-limits. Any questions before I leave?”

I had a dozen, but it was obvious I wouldn’t have his full attention. And I preferred trying to get answers from Anna. “Just one.”

He tucked the phone in his pocket then gave me his undivided attention.

“What am I being trained for?”

He gave me a slow perusal, and this time, it was more heated. The desire to squirm returned. Then, he gave me that million-dollar smile. “To be my human lover, of course.”

The First Dream


The way Devon said my name never failed to heat my blood, full of desire and hunger with that touch of impatience. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his shoulders, feeling his muscles bunch as he lifted me so I could wrap my legs around his waist with my dressing gown hiked to my hips.

His body molded to mine, wrapping me in his spicy scent and making my skin glow with equal need. I ran a hand over his hair, grasping a handful to pull his head back so I could see the need in his gaze as I kissed him. His lips were molten hot, and he found no impediment as his tongue pushed through to meet mine, branding me.

I pulled him closer, wishing we were skin on skin and wondering why not. I tugged at his shirt as his lips moved to my neck. The scrape of his fangs re-energized the goosebumps, and I shivered.

He pulled back, and his eyes bored into mine, hot and greedy. “Are you sure, Cressa?”

My eyes popped open, and I jumped out of bed, tripping over the sheets and falling to the floor.

What the hell just happened?

Was that a dream? I sat on my ass and recalled the entire scene. It was so real. I touched my lips. They were damp, and I still smelled the roses and his spicy scent.

I dragged myself up and stumbled to a chair, not ready to return to bed. The whole dream, and yes, it had to have been a dream, was the most realistic and erotic I’d ever experienced. And with a vampire? Where had that come from?

The First Real Kiss

“It sounds like you’ve been building an army of like-minded Houses. Are you waiting until you have enough to tip the balance?”

Devon let go of my hand and caressed my cheek. “You are an enigma, Cressa. Intelligent, courageous, reckless, unpredictable.”

I quirked my lips. “A bit of a mixed compliment.”

His gaze caught mine and wouldn’t let go. Or maybe I refused to let go of the intimate moment. “You think so? I think it fits you perfectly.”

Then he kissed me. A light brushing of the lips, a tentative test, nothing I’d ever experienced in the dreams, which were seductive and hot. His lips pressed harder. The tip of his tongue traced the outline of my lips as if memorizing their borders, their feel, their taste.

I leaned in, welcoming the parting of my lips as his tongue explored. I tried to be patient, to see where this would go with only his own need moving us, but my body had other thoughts, wanting to meet his growing demands as our tongues met. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I felt his hand travel up my body until he was cupping my head with both hands, his fingers weaving through my short locks as my arms ran over his shoulders.

The kiss lasted forever and not long enough as he pulled away. The warm glow of the vampire raged with something primal. And I wanted more. The need between my legs more intense than I could imagine.

He stood, his hand cupping my chin as he lifted my head to meet the fire in his gaze. His voice was low and husky, such a promise of more. “Get your rest, Cressa. You have a busy day tomorrow.” He kissed my forehead and almost dashed out of the room.

I touched a finger to my swollen lips, closing my eyes as I remembered the real deal. Exactly like the dreams. For the hundredth time, how was that possible? I smiled. He might think he can get away from me. But somehow, I knew there would always be the dreams.